Welcome to HarbourVest Senior Loans Europe Limited

HarbourVest Senior Loans Europe is a closed-ended investment company investing in the senior secured loans of private equity-backed mid-market companies in Europe, including the UK.

Key Features

  • Pays dividends twice annually
  • Returns capital after 2 years
  • Floating rates benefit from rising interest rates
  • Well secured asset class
  • No structural gearing

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Investment Objective

The Company's objective is to provide income and capital growth through investment in existing or new senior secured loans.


The portfolio is intended to comprise senior secured loans issued by 20 to 30 companies diversified by industry and geography.

Share Price


at 1:09 pm on 24 Jul 2014

Estimated NAV Per Share

at 30 June 2014


Key Information

Total voting rights: 139,890,249